Tehran (IP) - Today, Sunday, the national day of the "Islamic Republic", is a real manifestation of the resolution of the great nation of Iran in the realization of Islamic dignity and the determination of the Islamic country's destiny in the hands of the revolutionary people of Iran.

Iran PressIran news: After the glorious victory of the Islamic Revolution under the leadership of Imam Khomeini (RA), in April 1358 (1979), the referendum of the Islamic Republic was held throughout Iran.

According to the results of this referendum, which was announced on Farvardin 12, 1358 AH (April 1, 1979), more than 98 percent of those eligible to participate in the referendum agreed with the establishment of the Islamic Republic.

On this occasion, the 12th day of Farvardin is called the day of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Iranian calendar.

The nation of Iran showed to the whole world with its decisive presence on the 12th of Farvardin 1358 AH as the first election in the history of the holy system of the Islamic Republic of Iran that the era of foreign intervention and decision-making for the Iranian nation has come to an end.

Also, Iran's Islamic revolution, with its new discourse, promised the freedom and liberation of the oppressed nations from colonialism and exploitation of the capitalist system and became a source of hope and encouragement for the deprived and oppressed of the world. It objectified the elements of anti-arrogance, domineering, seeking justice, and seeking independence in the life of the current freedom-loving and right-seeking societies and the divine promise of their victory over the false front. 219

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