Damescus (IP) - Villages in 'Tel Tamr' countryside, north-west of 'Al-Hasakah,' have been under intensive artillery shelling by Turkish forces on, a Syrian local media activist announced in a report by SOHR.

Iran PressMiddle East: Villages of Tel Al-Laban, Kouzlia, and Tawila were the target of Turkish forces' intensive artillery shelling, reported by London-based 'Syrian Observatory of Human Rights activists.

No casualties have been reported yet.

On November 26, Turkish forces and their proxies stationed in areas east of Ras Al-Ain, fired heavy artillery shells on Tawela, Tel Al-Laban, Kozlaih, Al-Shaikh Ali Abosh, and Tel Al-Ward villages in Tel Tamr and Abo Rasen countryside northeastern of Al-Hasakah, causing material damages to civilians' houses.

Last week, Russian military reinforcement arrived at the Sarin base in the southern countryside of Ain Al-Arab (Kobani) and the Al-Siaydiyah base in the west of Ain Al-Arab city, east of Aleppo, which coincides with the escalation of Turkish aerial and ground attacks on Kurdish Democratic Forces (SDF) controlled areas in north and east Syria along the border strip with Turkey.

On November 19, Turkish airstrikes at different areas in Aleppo, Al-Hasakah, and Al-Raqqah countryside, left at least 37 people killed and nearly 33 injured and missing.

Turkish forces ready for a Syria ground operation

Turkey's Army needs just a few days to be prepared for a ground incursion into northern Syria. Turkish officials said such a decision might come at a Monday cabinet meeting as Turkish forces bombarded a Kurdish militia across the border.

Howitzers fired daily from Turkey have struck Kurdish YPG targets for a week, while warplanes have carried out airstrikes.

The escalation comes after a deadly bomb attack in Istanbul two weeks ago that Ankara blamed on the YPG militia. The YPG has denied involvement in the bombing and has sometimes responded to cross-border attacks with mortar shelling.

"The Turkish Armed Forces needs just a few days to become almost fully ready," one senior official said, adding that Turkey-allied Syrian rebel fighters were ready for such an operation just a few days after the November 13 Istanbul bombing.

"It won't take long for the operation to begin," he said. "It depends only on the president giving the word."

The PKK has also denied carrying out the Istanbul attack, in which six people were killed on a busy pedestrian avenue.


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