The closing ceremony of the 'I am nuclear technology festival'; was held on July 17, 2023.

Iran PressIran news: The event was held in cooperation with the Research Institute of Nuclear Sciences and Technologies and Iran's Nuclear Society(NSTRI).

The students were asked to submit what they knew about nuclear technology and its benefits in the form of videos, paintings, wall newspapers, and research papers to the secretariat of the festival. Teachers could also participate in this festival by making teaching tools in nuclear technology or sending a video to show how they teach nuclear subjects.

The aim of holding the festival is to get more familiarised with Iran's nuclear achievements.

Attending the event, the head of the Research Institute of Nuclear Sciences and Technologies stated: For the first time in Iran's history, two national conferences were held under the initiative of the head of the Atomic Energy Organization(AEO).

Amir-Hossein Feghhi further stated: We are planning to hold the International Nuclear Olympiad for the first time in the world, so the National Olympiad should be held in the country to prepare students for International levels.

In his remarks, the head of NSTRI went on to conclude: Education should be based on the nuclear industry because it has its roots in all branches of basic science.


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