Tehran (IP) - One of the recent achievements of Iranian missile technology is the 'Fath' ballistic missile, which has significant capabilities.

Iran PressIran news: Fath missile is of the Fateh 110 family, but in terms of physical dimensions, it is less than half of the Fateh 110. So, given the 8.8 m length and 61 cm diameter of the latter, the former's length, diameter, and weight are about 4m, 30 cm, and 850-1,100 kg, respectively, with a firing range of 80 to 100 km. Due to the lightweight of the missile, it is possible to install more of them on the truck, carrier and launcher.

Due to the fact that this missile has control fins on its nose, it is definitely of the precision-guided type, approaching the end of the target's route. Fatah missile has higher speed, greater accuracy, warhead detachment capability, and generally lower radar cross-sections in comparison to Fateh 110. Fath solid-fuel missile is also fired from inside a canister. It is the first time such an Iranian ballistic missile is fired from such a launcher.

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The missile has already been delivered to the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) Navy and Ground Forces. 

There are three types of launchers designed for Fath in IRGC Ground Force: A 6-canister launcher; a camouflaged rail launcher with 2 or 4 missiles. The latter has made operating mass fire with high accuracy feasible for the ground force, making the force somewhat independent from the IRGC aerospace missile systems in tactical missions.

With the deliverance of Fath ballistic missile to the IRGC Combat Organization, it seems that the mission of accurate short-range attacks, especially the suppression of enemy's anti-missile systems, is gradually being handed over to the IRGC ground force and the destruction of targets on longer distances assigned to the IRGC aerospace force. 


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