Tehran (IP) - Some of the Iranian students made a gathering in front of the Lebanese embassy in Tehran to express their support of the Lebanese Information Minister for his remarks against the Saudi war against Yemenis.

Iran PressIran News: Last week, the Lebanese Information Minister George Kurdahi appeared on Al Jazeera's "Parliament of the Nation" show to condemn the Saudi invasion of the Yemeni nation.

The issue steered the anger of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council's (PGCC) member states. 

In Tehran, some university students gathered in front of the Lebanese embassy and expressed their support for the minister's remarks.

The participators chanted slogans supporting the Yemeni nation and the Lebanese minister against the Saudi, US, and Israeli regimes. 

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They also were carrying placards reading "Down with USA," "Down with Israel," "Islam is victorious," "Yemen, the powerful oppressed," and "Down with Al-Saud."

The flags of Lebanon, Hezbollah, Yemen, and Iran were also hoisted among the participants.

At the end of the ceremony, one of the students read a statement condemning the Saudi regime's war on the oppressed nation of Yemen.


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