May 13, 2019 11:57 Asia/Tehran
  • Fujairah incident
    Fujairah incident

Chairman of National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of Iranian Parliament said explosions in the port of Fujairah in UAE showed that the security of the Southern Persian Gulf states is fragile.

Iran Press/Middle East: "Fujairah blasts showed that that security of Arab States in the south of Persian Gulf is glassy," Heshmatollah Falahatpisheh said in a post on his Twitter account on Monday, according to Iran Press report.

Several heavy explosions occurred early on Sunday in the port of Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates, local media reports, citing eyewitnesses, suggested that American and French warplanes have been seen flying over the port at the time of the incident.

The UAE first denied the incident, but later foreign ministry said in a statement that four commercial vessels were targeted by 'sabotage operations'.

Saudi Arabia's energy minister said on Monday that two Saudi oil tankers were among the Wessels that sabotaged off UAE coast and sustained significant damage.

The real cause of the blasts is still unknown. The reports further say that the explosion occurred after at least between seven and ten oil tankers had been caught on fire.

In a statement issued early Monday, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Moussavi described the incident as "lamentable" and "worrying" and called for thorough investigations.

He also warned Persian Gulf neighbours to stay vigilant in the face of plots by "ill-wishers" to undermine maritime security. 101/205

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