Feb 12, 2019 18:18 Asia/Tehran
  • US backed terrorists launched chemical attack in Idlib, Syria
    US backed terrorists launched chemical attack in Idlib, Syria

Syrian sources have released reports of Western-backed terrorists carrying out a chemical attack in Idlib.

Iran Press/ Middle East: Tahrir al-Sham, the terrorist group that has the support of US and some Arab states has launched a rocket chemical attack in south east Idlib, Iran Press news agency quoted from a Sputnik news agency.

According to the report, two Syrian soldiers were poisoned in the incident, due to exposure to poisonous chemical agents and gasses.

Earlier this month, Syrian rights activists reported that members of Tahrir al-Sham terrorist group transferred several barrels of chlorine to Khan Sheikhoun with the help of so-called "White Helmets".

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The White Helmets group, promoted by the West as “civil defense workers,” was established back in 2013 with US and British funding in Turkey and since then, the group operates in terrorists-held areas, and has helped in the staging of several false-flag chemical attacks.

In the past, terrorist groups staged chemical incidents in Khan Sheikhoun and eastern Ghouta, blamed Damascus for carrying out a chemical attack against its own population, and tried to use this false-flag operation as a pretext and excuse to carry out a large-scale military attack on Syria by the West; a plot that has failed every time.   212/ 211 /104


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