Jan 13, 2019 12:13 Asia/Tehran

Iranian parliament spokesman for the 'combined budget commission', Mohammad-Mahdi Mofateh, said that the commission is reviewing next year's budget and has two weeks to complete the task.

Iran Press/Iran news: Ahmad AmirAbadi Farahani, a member of the combined budget commission, told reporters and journalists that the combined budget commission of the Majlis has approved the overall budget for the next Iranian year, which starts on 20 March 2019.

Ahmad AmirAbadi Farahani, a member of the combined budget commission

AmirAbadi Farahani added that 22 MPs voted in favour, 16 voted against, and 2 MPs abstained from voting, and hence the overall budget was approved by members of the combined budget commission.   

The Iranian parliament also agreed that the US dollar should be calculated at 42000 Rials for all essential items, and at a price of 80000 Rials for all other (non-essential) items, and this gives an average price of 55000 Rials for the US dollar.

It is envisaged in next year's budget that the total government revenues from taxes is forecast to be 1260 trillion Rials, and as far as oil exports is concerned, the budget forecasts one-and-half-million barrels of oil exported per day, at an average price of 54 dollars per barrel.

Parliamentarians also decided to allot 20 percent of the total budget, about 66 trillion Rials to the National Development Fund.  

The Majlis also decided to allot 950 trillion Rials for wages and benefits of civil servants and government employees. 103/211


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