Nov 13, 2018 21:02 Asia/Tehran

The vice president of Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization (TPO), Mohammad-Reza Modoudi, has emphasized that Iran's foreign trade has been growing for the past 15 years. He said Iranian exports have been growing steadily, and Iranian manufactured products are competitive in the international markets.

Iran news: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press on Tuesday, Mohammad-Reza Modoudi, the vice president of Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) emphasized that the growing Iranian exports for the past 15 years indicate the quality and competitiveness of Iranian manufactured products. 

Modoudi added: "Iran's foreign trade has grown steadily for the past 15 years, and this year our foreign trade has also grown.  This means our exports have been growing steadily for 15 years, and this means our home-made products are genuinely competitively priced, because they are selling abroad. Even though we can increase tariffs on imported goods at home, and thus give an advantage to Iranian-manufactured products, this sort of "loading of the dice" does not exist abroad, and if our exports are growing year after year , this means that Iranian-manufactured products "are high quality and genuinely competitively priced".

In fact, if a country is unable to manufacture goods and products with a reasonable quality and at a reasonable price, if its products are not competitive, then it will surely lose market share, and there will be no place for it in the international markets.

Thus, if today our trading capacity has increased substantially, and our non-oil exports have reached the 50 billion dollar mark, this figure compared to 15 years ago shows a 2000 % increase. This indicates that Iranian manufactured goods and products, our non-oil exports in fact, are competitive on the international markets.   211/103


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