Nov 13, 2018 19:08 Asia/Tehran
  • Quality drives exports, economic development, and determines global market share

Speaking at a special ceremony marking national quality day on Tuesday, senior Iranian MP Ali Mottahari has emphasized that the quality of our manufactured products largely determines our share of the global markets.

Iran news: According to an Iran press report, Ali Mottahari an MP representing Tehran, and the deputy speaker of the Iranian parliament (Majlis), speaking on Tuesday 13 November at a ceremony marking 'national quality day' said: "This year we are glad that the national quality awards have an added significance and meaning, because this year has been designated as the year of supporting Iranian-manufactured products."

Mottahari added: "The quality of our manufactured goods is perhaps the single most important determining factor for our presence in the global markets."

He added: "The reason why Iranian-manufactured products have a modest presence in the global markets, and a low market share even in neighbouring countries is because the private sector, and private Iranian companies have an insignificant presence in the global markets, and even in neighbouring countries".

The senior MP added: "Private Iranian companies are not even active in places like Syria and Qatar, where both countries desperately need Iranian-manufactured goods and products".

Meanwhile, a senior official within the Standards Organization of Iran, Moslem Bayat, who is in charge of quality control and quality management, in an exclusive interview with Iran Press on Tuesday said: "If you want to upgrade and highlight the role of quality in your society you must focus on some elements, one of the most important is standards."

Bayat added: "Another important element that we can mention is testing after you define your standard and criteria for checking your goods, we need laboratory for testing after that we need methodology as another element that we must focus on."  

The senior official within the Standards Organization of Iran added: "Without methodology and measurement, we can't judge the quality of manufactured goods and services."

The other element is accreditation, for checking the goods and services with reliable standard we need accreditation organization for issuing the certificate. With this certificate we can go to the factory and agencies for evaluating and checking the services and goods with relevant standard and final element is inspection which is a tools for evaluating goods and services but if we want to take about the role of quality in the whole life we can say warning and safety which is generally depends on to the quality. Without quality we can't predict the feature and we will face a lots of risk in our community and the world.  

Bayat added: "Without quality and standard you can't export your goods and services to other countries."   211 / 103

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