Nov 11, 2018 07:18 Asia/Tehran
  • Ghasemi: The Iranian people will defeat coercion and bullying

The spokesman for Iran's foreign ministry, Bahram Ghasemi, has pointedly said: "The Iranian people will defeat coercion and bullying, no matter who tries to coerce them. History attests to this fact, and this Iranian culture and behaviour is well-known.

Iran news:  According to an Iran Press report, Bahram Ghasemi made the comment on Saturday, emphasizing that the US administration is doing its utmost to create as much difficulty, trouble, nuisance and inconvenience for the Iranian people.

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Elsewhere in his remarks Ghasemi said: "The Iranian people think of the United States government as an aggressive war-mongering government which is contemptuous of international laws and routinely violates them. The US government thinks it can divide the Iranian people, or weaken their unity, through a media campaign of misinformation and lies."

The foreign ministry spokesman added: "Advisors to US president Donald Trump are unrealistic when it comes to Iran, and make excessive demands, offering poor advice. This has led to Trump administration's mistake after mistake. We advise the Americans not to be angry, to be realistic and make wise decisions.

Meanwhile, US secretary of state Mike Pompeo advised the Iranian government and people to listen to Washington and not to resist, since resistance would entail "a high price".

Despite a huge amount of evidence to the contrary, secretary of state, Mike Pompeo in an interview with the BBC on 7 November claimed America is not trying to punish or target  the Iranian people.

The Islamic republic of Iran is an independent country in the Middle East region, with growing clout and influence. According to analysts, Iran's power and clout emanates from genuine popular support -- Iran's influence has its roots in the fact that the vast majority of the Iranian people back the Islamic Republic. 

Unlike some regional regimes whose security and survival depends directly on America's backing and survival (for example Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan, United Arab Emirates), Iran's security and longevity does not depend in any way on Washington's either approval or support.

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