Nov 09, 2018 11:21 Asia/Tehran
  • Commentary: Pompeo claims US efforts aren’t aimed at punishing the Iranian people

America's hard-line secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, has once again made the ridiculous claim that US sanctions are not targeting the Iranian people.

US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo

According to an Iran Press report, despite a huge amount of evidence to the contrary, secretary of state, Mike Pompeo in an interview with the BBC on Wednesday 7 November claimed America is not trying to punish or target  the Iranian people.

Asked whether he saw any signs of Iranian leaders coming to the negotiating table, Pompeo admitted that there were no signs whatsoever. Mike Pompeo told the BBC: "We haven’t seen any indication of that yet, but we’re very hopeful that they will do that. Remember the purpose of these sanctions. The purpose is to stop Iran’s destabilizing influence in the region. And so our effort – not just the sanctions, but the American effort – is aimed at getting the Iranian leadership to understand that they must change their behaviour."

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The Islamic republic of Iran is an independent country in the Middle East region, with growing clout and influence. According to analysts, Iran's power and clout emanates from genuine popular support -- Iran's influence has its roots in the fact that the vast majority of the Iranian people back the Islamic Republic. 

Unlike some regional regimes whose security and survival depends directly on America's backing and survival (for example Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan, United Arab Emirates), Iran's security and longevity does not depend in any way on Washington's either approval or support.

America's repeated failures and defeats vis-a-vis the Islamic Republic has forced the Trump administration, and all the administrations before it, to resort to sanctions, political and economic pressure, and often a media campaign of lies and misinformation.

Secretary of State, Pompeo's baseless claims against Iran, for example Iran's alleged support of terrorism, and Iran's alleged destructive role in the middle east, and Pompeo's backing of recent claims made by the Danish government against Iran, is intimately connected to failure and defeat of US policies in the middle east region.

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Saudi Arabia is subservient to the United Sates and the regime in Riyadh owes its existence to America's political and military backing, and is constantly blackmailed by Washington for this support. America has milked Saudi Arabia for many decades, relieving the Saudi Royal family of its petrodollars. 

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It is widely-known and widely-acknowledged that Saudi Arabia supports and funds terrorists, particularly Takfiri terrorists. The American newspaper, The Boston Globe in its recent editorial criticised America's double standards and duel approach towards terrorism. The Boston Globe wrote: "Virtually all research on terrorism, and in particular financing of terrorism, confirms that Saudi Arabia is the biggest sponsor of Terrorists worldwide, with a long track record of sponsoring and funding terror groups such as Daesh (also known as ISIS), Al-Qaeda, Taliban, etc."

The Boston Globe adds: "The only way to accuse Iran of sponsoring terrorism is to define terrorism as opposing US power. Anyone who opposes US hegemony is a terrorist. The only thing Iran is guilty of is opposing US power." 211/103

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