Nov 04, 2018 07:11 Asia/Tehran
  • Pompeo claims Iranian people are not the target of US sanctions

US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, in a tweet on Saturday claimed America's unilateral sanctions against Iran, will not target the Iranian people.

America: According to Iran Press, Mike Pompeo made the claim despite the fact that European negotiators have not managed to convince the Americans not to include humanitarian items such as food and medicines in their sanctions. It should be noted that America's sanctions have never been authorised by the United Nations, and so they are illegal under international law.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in a Twitter message on Saturday night described Iran's actions in the region as counterproductive and claimed that Washington by imposing tough sanctions, is trying to stop these activities.

Pompeo's claim that Iranian people are not targeted by sanctions has been made despite a Guardian newspaper report on Sunday that European governments have not succeeded in persuading Washington to exempt humanitarian goods, such as foodstuffs and medicines, from the sanctions.

US president "Donald Trump" announced on 8 May the withdrawal of Washington from Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (known as the Iran nuclear deal) and the re-imposition of sanctions against Tehran.

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Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is an agreement on the nuclear program of Iran which was reached in Vienna on 14 July 2015 between Iran, the 5+1 Group, and the European Union.

Representatives of the European countries described the JCPOA as "a key and effective element of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty."

The first round of Iranian sanctions was implemented on 7 August  And the second round of  sanctions will come into force officially on 5 November.

On November 2, Tehran provisional Friday Prayers Leader Ayatollah Mohammad-Ali Movahedi Kermani said that US dreams of Iran's failure, will never be realized through sanctions.

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On October 31, Iranian president Hassan Rouhani said Iran is not afraid of US threats.

Speaking at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday morning, president Hassan Rouhani said big countries both in Asia and Europe have told us in recent days that they will stand by us, they will support us, as the US tries to impose fresh sanctions against Iran.

Donald Trump has faced widespread domestic and international condemnation by this decision to walk away from the JCPOA.

Washington has adopted more hostile policies against Iran, since Trump came into office.

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The Islamic Republic of Iran has a key role in confronting the conspiracies and actions by American-Zionist axis in the region.

Islamic Republic of Iran, much to the dislike of Donald Trump and his administration, at the official request of the governments of Iraq and Syria provided advice and support to the governments in Baghdad and Damascus.


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