Gaza (IP) – In continuation of the genocide of the oppressed Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, the Zionist regime soldiers shot the parents of several Palestinian children in front of their eyes.

Iran Press/ West Asia:  Mohammed Kitab, the father of a Palestinian family, called his brother, who was a doctor, before the Zionist attack to inform the Red Cross that Israeli armored vehicles surrounded his house.

The Zionists entered the house in an armored vehicle and shot at the father of the family who was waving a white flag.

The Zionist soldiers also killed the mother of the family and blinded one of the children by throwing a grenade into the house.

On October 7th, the Zionist regime attacked the Gaza Strip with the intention of genocide.According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, the number of Palestinians killed has reached 28,576 and the number of wounded increased to 68,291 so far.


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