On Tuesday night, news sources announced that Lebanon's Hezbollah launched a missile attack on the headquarters of the Zionist military in northern occupied Palestine.

Iran Press/ West Asia: Lebanon's Hezbollah announced that it targeted the headquarters of the Zebedin barracks of the Zionist military in northern occupied Palestine with a missile.

As the "Al-Aqsa Flood " operation was launched by the Palestinian resistance groups, Lebanon's Hezbollah has carried out daily and heavy operations against the goals of the Zionist regime to engage a large part of the Zionist military in the north of the occupied territories and reduce the pressure on the resistance in Gaza.

Also, the US military base in Al-Omar oil field, located in the suburbs of Deir Ezzor in eastern Syria, was hit by a missile attack twice on Tuesday night.

In the first wave of attack, 2 rockets were fired at this base, and in the second time, three rockets targeted the base. Since the beginning of the Zionist regime's invasion of Gaza on October 15, the Islamic resistance of Iraq has carried out dozens of attacks on American military bases in Iraq and Syria.