IP- Yemenis have rallied in solidarity with Palestine, condemning Israeli crimes against Gazans and calling for a permanent ceasefire. Protests were held across the country, with participants vowing to respond to any aggression against Yemen.

Iran Press/ West Asia:  Yemen's Armed Forces have warned that they will strike any country that allows its airspace to be used for US-led military strikes. They also pledged to continue targeting Israeli-owned and Israel-bound ships in support of Palestinians in Gaza. 

The US-led maritime task force in the Red Sea was criticized for protecting Israel's interests rather than international sea navigation. Yemenis demand a complete cessation of Israeli atrocities and advise Saudi Arabia and the UAE not to side with Israel. 

Yemenis will not stand idly by if Yemen comes under attack by the US or any other country, and all options are on the table to respond to possible American aggression.

Yemenis rally in solidarity with Palestine, vow to respond to any US aggression.


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