The Assembly of Yemeni Scholars stressed the necessity of supporting Palestinian resistance and the liberation of the occupied land and the Islamic holy places in Quds.

Iran PressIran news: According to Iran Press, Yemeni scholars at a meeting on supporting the Palestinian people and resistance in Sana'a, emphasized defending the oppressed Palestinian people in Gaza as a necessary duty in fight against the Israeli regime. 

In an exclusive interview with Iran Press in Sana'a, Sheikh Jabri Ibrahim, a member of the Yemeni Ulema Assembly said that the responsibility of the Islamic scholars toward the Gaza war, stated that the mission of the Islamic scholars towards the Palestinian nation is to explain and enlighten.

Jabri Ibrahim emphasized that the Zionist attack on Gaza is a war of disbelief and faith and a war between Zionists and Muslims, and Islamic scholars must correctly explain the dimensions of this war. 

Sheikh Jabri Ibrahim said, Islamic scholars have the duty to firstly tell the people the reality of today and what should be done, and secondly explain the people's enthusiasm for jihadi activities. Fouad Naji, Deputy Minister of Guidance and Hajj Affairs of Yemen, regarding the responsibility of Islamic scholars toward the war in Gaza and the developments in Palestine, said that the duty of Islamic scholars is to clarify, call people to Jihad and take a correct media position on the Palestinian issue and the developments in Gaza these days.

Fouad Naji put emphasis on mobilizing the Islamic nation for Jihad to liberate the Palestinian land from the occupation of the criminal Zionists, while mentioning trying to boycott American and Israeli goods as the other duties of Islamic scholars. Sheikh Khaled Yusuf, a member of the Yemeni Ulema Assembly, also stated that the role of Islamic scholars is vital for mobilizing the people and explaining the situation in Gaza so that they know the Zionist regime and America are the main enemies of Muslims. 219

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