The spokesman for the Yemeni Ansarullah said that as long as the attack and siege of the country continue, Yemeni missile and drone strikes will continue in defence too.

Iran Press/Middle East: "The Yemeni National Salvation Government is ready to negotiate if the humanitarian aspect is separated from the military and political aspects," Mohammed Abdul-Salam told Al-Jazeera on Wednesday.

He added: "We have not met directly with the Americans, but since the United States is a party to the Yemeni war and supports the Saudi coalition, we have no problem meeting with them."

The spokesman for the Yemeni Ansarullah movement, meanwhile, denied direct meetings with the United States, saying the Yemeni National Salvation Government had submitted its views to Washington and is waiting for a response.

Abdul-Salam added: "On the other hand, the United States, through Omani intermediaries, has presented an old rather than a new plan for resolving the Yemeni crisis, which is the same joint declaration that the United Nations had previously presented."

"We cannot accept the proposal through political pressure," he said. The US stance on the war in Yemen has not changed from what has been during the tenure of former US President Donald Trump.

Abdul-Salam added: "We once again call for an end to military action by all parties and we want the humanitarian aspect to be activated in Yemen."

He also stated that the reason behind the current international movement regarding the Yemeni crisis is the advance of the army and the country's popular committees in the expulsion of foreign troops. 219