Yemen (IP)- Yemen's Ansarullah movement has strongly denounced the recent atrocity carried out by the Israeli military in northwest Rafah, located in the southern Gaza Strip, placing full responsibility for the massacre on the United States.

Iran Press/ West Asia: In a statement released on Monday, the Political Bureau of Yemen’s Ansarullah movement expressed profound condemnation for the brutal massacre of Palestinian refugees in northwest Rafah by the Zionist regime, which resulted in the deaths and injuries of numerous individuals.

The movement emphasized that the Israeli assault on displaced individuals in Gaza underscores the enemy's extreme brutality and criminal nature.

Yemen’s Ansarullah further asserted that the targeting of civilians highlights the failure of the enemy and serves as a stark reminder to the world that the Zionist regime disregards international laws and disregards decisions made by the International Court of Justice.

Additionally, Yemen’s Ansarullah held the United States entirely accountable for the Rafah massacre, citing it as the primary supporter of the Zionist regime. The movement's statement underscores the interconnectedness of global powers in the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East and the devastating impact of such alliances on civilian populations caught in the crossfire.

Over 35,900 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza, the vast majority being women and children, and over 80,400 others injured since October.


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