Tehran (IP) – The medium-range Yasir UAV is a small, indigenous UAV that has successfully completed many missions, including detecting and sending images of foreign vessels in the Persian Gulf.

Iran PressIran News: Yasir UAV is a reverse engineering example of the Boeing Insitu ScanEagle. ScanEagle was first used for the fishing industry and marine surveillance, but later its technology was upgraded and provided to the US Marine Corps for reconnaissance missions, especially in missions abroad in Iraq and other countries.



On December 4, 2012, the ScanEagle UAV was hunted down by the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps and was reversed-engineered. After commercialization and mass production, it was handed over to the Armed Forces. Shortly afterward, images of the UAV's mass production line in Iran's defense industry were released under the name "Sayeh" UAV. 

Sayeh reconnaissance drone is the first reverse engineering sample of the ScanEagle with an operating radius of 200 km and 360-degree imaging with a magnification of up to 40 times and a viewing angle of up to 56 degrees with high resolution and a flight ceiling of 15,000 feet.

After that, another sample of this drone called Yasir was given to the army's Ground Force and the Navy, which has a V-shaped tail. The drone has carried out several successful missions, including detecting and sending images of foreign vessels in the Persian Gulf.

Yasir UAV has participated in international exhibitions such as MAKS 2017 in Russia and ADEX 2018 in Azerbaijan.

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Technical Specifications

Yasir drone is about one meter long, has a three-meter wingspan and its weight is estimated at about 20 kg. It has a flight ceiling of 15,000 feet, an eight-hour flight duration, a flight range of up to 200 km and a maximum speed of 120 km/h. The drone also has electro-optical and infrared cameras capable of monitoring and detecting blind spots.

Having low weight, Yasir does not need a runway and is launched with a launcher; it also uses parachutes to land and is controlled by communicating with mobile ground control stations and can fly with autopilot if needed.

One of the special capabilities of this drone is its radar evasion, and radar and defense systems cannot detect it.

Yasir can be dissembled and easily placed in a box, and thus it is easily portable.


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