Kabul (IP) - An Afghan university professor and political expert says the American occupiers entered Afghanistan with deceptive slogans and achieved nothing.

Iran PressAsia: In an interview with Iran Press about the consequences of 20 years of US occupation in Afghanistan, Fazl-men-Allah Mumtaz stated that US forces occupied Afghanistan with the deceptive slogans of democracy, freedom of speech, and protection of women's rights.

He said the United States did not have a clear political agenda in Afghanistan and entered the country only on the pretext of 9/11; those appointed to promote democracy, freedom of expression, and economic development in Afghanistan failed because they were not from the people.

He said the Afghan people had no place in US plans, noting that until the groundwork is laid for the advancement of the components of democracy with the cooperation of the people, the slogans are purely political and are raised to achieve specific goals.

After 20 years of occupation in Afghanistan, the United States finally left the country without any achievements. Taliban forces entered the Afghan capital, Kabul, on August 15, 2021, and former President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani fled.


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