Tehran (IP) - The President of Allame Tabatabaee University says the power of the Israeli regime's media and their censorship of what is going on in Gaza have failed to block the path of reaching truth to the world's people.

Iran PressIran news: A meeting was held on Saturday at Allame Tabatabaee University in Tehran with the participation of the Latin American countries' ambassadors and a group of professors and political experts to express solidarity with the people of Gaza who are under the Israeli genocidal war.  

Delivering a speech at the meeting, Abdullah Motamedi pointed to the increasing awakening and protest movements of the people across the world against the Israeli regime and said: 

"Today, not only in the public but also in the universities, protest movements are being shaped by the academicians; academicians in different countries are revising the agreements and contracts they had with the Zionist regime and have suspended their communications [with the entity]."

The American student protest movement began on April 17 at Columbia University in New York; the protesting students called on the university to cut off its relations with the Israeli institutions involved in the war on Gaza.

Motamedi also referred to the international bodies' inefficacy in fulfilling their responsibilities in countering the Israeli crimes and noted that Israel continues its crimes as it is sure that it can evade any condemnation and punishment in the international community thanks to its Western allies' veto power.

The ambassadors of Cuba, Bolivia, Venezuela, and Nicaragua each delivered separate speeches and condemned the West's human rights double standards about the Israeli crimes against Gaza. 

The US-backed Israeli unprecedented genocide of the Palestinian people began on October 7, as the result of which over 34,650 people have so far been martyred and over 77,900 others have been wounded, besides the Gazans' struggling with famine and starvation created due to the war. 


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