Tehran (IP) - Secretary of the Islamic Republic of Iran's High Council for Human Rights described western countries as a safe haven for terrorist outfits.

Iran PressIran News: Since the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran in 1979, more than 17 thousand citizens and officials of the country have been assassinated by the terrorist groups, including the Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO).

From the very beginning of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the Americans placed terrorist groups under the umbrella of their financial, political and propaganda support. The groups' crimes against the people of the Islamic Republic of Iran have always been backed by the US as well.

Kazem Gharibabadi, the Vice-President of the Judiciary for International Affairs and Secretary of the I.R of Iran's High Council for Human Rights, in a meeting with Mar Awa Royel, Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East in Tehran, stated that the people of Iran are victims of terror, while Western countries have become a safe haven for terrorist groups. They accuse Iran of supporting terrorist groups.

Gharibabadi also pointed out to the existence of religious minorities in Iran, while it is almost impossible to build a mosque in countries that claim to respect human rights. According to the latest statistics, there are about 400 churches in Iran for Christians.

Secretary of the I.R of Iran's High Council for Human Rights also pointed to the cruel sanctions imposed by the western countries against the innocent people of Iran and said that Iran is an independent country, it has not invaded any country and has not violated the rights of any country, but the westerners imposed unilateral sanctions against it. They have committed massive human rights violations against the people of Iran.

Mar Ava Royel, for his part, appreciated the hospitality of the Iranians in this meeting, stating that Islam and Christianity both emphasize human dignity and human rights. Assyrians are a part of Iran and true and loyal children of Iran.

Mar Awa Royel stated that today the term human rights and the word freedom are not properly understood in international forums, and this freedom is wrongly defined in Western countries.


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