The Spokesman of the Iranian Parliament's Integration Commission said that the water supply of the country is on the agenda with the priority of tropical and subtropical border projects, including Sistan and Baluchistan.

Iran PressIran news: Rahim Zare said on Sunday that from 187,000 billion Tomans, 45,000 billion Tomans of bonds was allowed for the construction and completion of half-finished water supply and containment projects in the country.

Zare said the tropical and cold border and hydropower projects were prioritized in the plan for the affiliated companies to the Ministry of Energy.

The Integration Commission Spokesman made the remarks to the reporters in a press brief held on Sunday, Feb.12, 2023. Rahim Zare said: 10 thousand billion Tomans were allocated for the infrastructure of the agricultural sector in the budget plan.

Still, 12,000 billion Tomans of municipal bonds will be spent on the tariff for the development of public transport and urban infrastructure, waste management and waste incineration power plants, reconstruction of worn-out structures, and the organization of residential areas and informal settlements in the coming year, he concluded.


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