Iran's deputy foreign minister and head of the Iranian delegation in the JCPOA negotiations team said in a tweet on Saturday that the Vienna nuclear talks will have to await the formation of a new Iranian government.

Iran PressIran news: Abbas Araghchi added that "We are going through a government change period, and this is a democratic power transfer that is taking place in Tehran.

“It is quite clear that the Vienna negotiations must halt till the new Iranian government will take charge, and this is the necessity of any democracy,” he said.

Araghchi stressed that the United States and Britain must comprehend this point and stop linking the exchange of the two sides’ prisoners – which is ready to take place – with the JCPOA.

“Linking the exchange of prisoners and politicizing the issue will both ruin the exchange program and the agreement on the nuclear issue,” he reiterated.

The Iranian diplomat concluded that the exchange of ten prisoners can begin as of tomorrow (Sunday) if the United States and Britain will act according to their agreed-upon commitments.