Senior US Democratic Senator denounced Washington's support of the Zionist regime, stating that his country is complicit in the crimes that are being committed in Gaza

Iran PressAmerica: Top US Senator, Bernie Sanders says his country is complicit in the crimes that are being committed in Gaza, emphasizing that American weapons are the main cause of the humanitarian catastrophe in the besieged Palestinian strip.

Sanders went on his social media to criticize the US government’s policy toward the ongoing Israeli genocidal war on Gaza.

“In no way should we ignore the terrible humanitarian crisis that is currently going on in the Gaza Strip”, the senator said in his post, referring to the Israeli regime’s relentless onslaught on Gaza that has claimed more than 25,000 lives, mostly women and children since October 7.

The US lawmaker stated that while we are sitting with our hands tied, Palestinian children are dying of starvation.  “We must act urgently because this situation should not and cannot continue”.

Sanders has been a vocal critic of America's support for the Israel regime and calls for a policy change over Israel’s inhuman actions against Palestinians.

At least 26,083 Palestinians have been killed and over 65,000 wounded by Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip since the start of the war after October 7, the latest figures published by the Gaza health ministry indicated. 219

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