Syria (IP) - The US troops trafficked 33 tankers of Syrian oil to Iraq through the illegal Al-Mahmoudiya passage.

Iran PressMiddle East: The US forces and the terrorist elements affiliated to them, Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), are long present illegally in Syria and are looting the oil reservoirs of the country besides its wheat, and attacking the Syrian people. 

The US occupation forces have continued to plunder the Syrian oil as over the past hours, a number of their tankers loaded with stolen oil have left the Syrian territory through the illegitimate crossing of al-Mahmoudiya heading for Iraq, SANA reported

Local sources from al-Ya’arubyia countryside told SANA reporter that the US occupation forces have transferred 33 tankers loaded with a new batch of stolen oil from the fields of al-Jazeera region and the eastern region through the illegitimate crossing of al-Mahmoudiya in the far eastern countryside of Hasaka on the border with Iraq.

The US purloining is not something new. Earlier, the American invaders transported dozens of tankers containing hundreds of tons of stolen oil from wells located in Al-Hasakah, Deir Ez-Zour, and Raqqa provinces, north and northeast of the country, to Iraq.

The Syrian government has time and again stressed that the US troops and its terrorist elements have occupied Syrian soil and pursued nothing but looting the oil resources of Syria. 


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