A US Congresswoman confronted Joe Biden over his uncritical support for Israel during a visit by the president to Dearborn, Michigan on Tuesday, the New York Times reported, citing a congressional aide.

Iran PressAmerica: Footage showed Biden speaking to Tlaib and her fellow Michigan Congresswoman Debbie Dingell on a tarmac in Detroit as he was leaving town.

Tlaib told "the president that the status quo was only enabling more killing, and that his current policy of unconditional support for the Israeli government under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was not working," the Times reported.

Biden had paid a nod to Tlaib during a speech focused on domestic issues at a Ford factory in Dearborn earlier in the day.

"From my heart, I pray that your grandmom and family are well. I promise you, I’ll do everything to see that they are in the West Bank. You're a fighter... Thank you for being a fighter," Biden said addressing the congresswoman after mispronouncing her first name as Rashid.

As Biden spoke, activists in Dearborn - home to one of the largest Arab communities in the country - held a rally expressing solidarity with Palestinians and condemning the US administration's policies.