Tehran (IP) - Iran strongly condemned the US allegations against the Iranian companies and individuals in that they had taken part in cyberattacks against the US.

Iran PressIran news: That the US insisted on resorting to illegal and abnormal behaviors against the world's independent states was indicative of its failure to understand global relations, said the Spokesman of Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nasser Kanaani, on Thursday. 

Kanaani added: "Resorting to propaganda and disseminating false information against the Islamic Republic of Iran is part of the failed Iranophobic policy of the American government, which of course will not work."

He recalled that the US time and again kept silent about the cyberattacks on the infrastructures of Iran, including its nuclear facilities, and even supported the attacks either directly or indirectly. 

As a country that has been repeatedly attacked by cyberattacks, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been an important part of responsible international efforts to deal with the threat of cyberattacks.


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