IRIB head:

Tehran (IP) - Speaking at the 10th session of the General Assembly of the Islamic Radios and Televisions Union, the head of IRIB said that by blocking websites linked to the Iranian government, the US had acted against the law, which indicated its weakness.

Iran PressIran news: Abdulali Ali-Askari said: "The US just boasted about having freedom of speech, but in fact, it did the opposite."

He added: "The Iranian blocked websites will find another way to broadcast their messages to the world."

Referring to US sanctions, he noted that the United States and Israel were on the verge of extinction and the resistance movement was gaining strength, adding that Iran's surface-to-air missiles could target US vessels from 2000 kilometers.

Thanking the Radios and Televisions Union establishment by approximately 228 members in 33 countries with 22 various languages, Abdulali Ali-Askari said that the Union stood strong against arrogant world powers like the US and Israel.

"We are at wartime, so to stand up to the enemies, an international movement is needed to screen enemies and their brutality against the oppressed people."

Ali-Askari also said that the Union is supported by Seyyed Hassan Nasrollah, the Resistance Movement leader, which is improving day by day, though there are still limitations.

He stated that US anger over blocking the Iranian active websites indicated the impact of these websites on news coverage, especially the recent presidential elections victory.

The 10th session General Assembly of the Islamic Radio and Television Union titled 'Media Justice and Freedom of Expression', with attendance of Abdulali Ali-Askari IRIB President, Peyman Jebeli head of IRIB world service, and the other union media members, political experts, and cultural officials, was held on Tuesday, June 29, 2021, at IRIB Int'l Conference Center, Tehran in full compliance with hygienic protocols.

It also is being held in Baghdad, Beirut, Gaza, Kabul, Istanbul, and Sanaa simultaneously.


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