Vienna(IP)- Russia's representative in the Vienna talks said in an exclusive interview with the Iran press correspondent that the Vienna talks are underway and progress has been made, calling negotiations positive.

Iran PressEurope:  As the new round of talks in Vienna to revive the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action(JCPOA) enters its fourth day, top Iranian and Russian diplomats hold separate meetings with European officials to finalize terms of agreement on Iran's peaceful nuclear program.

Mikhail Ulyanov added: "In my opinion, these negotiations were positive and I am optimistic. The discussions in these negotiations are serious and positive."

Russia's chief negotiator said: "The parties are listening to each other and looking for an agreed solution."

In response to the question of how long this round of negotiations will last, the Russian representative noted: "I don't know how long these negotiations will last."

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This is while the meeting between Ali Bagheri  Kani and Enrique Mora at Coburg Hotel lasted for more than an hour.

Iran's chief negotiator left the Coburg Hotel in Vienna after talking with the EU's coordinator of the 2015 Iran international nuclear deal.

According to Iran press correspondent from Vienna, the European Union expert delegation arrived at the Coburg Hotel a few minutes ago to meet Mora. Also, Mikhail Ulyanov arrived in Coburg to meet with Enrique Mora.

Earlier, Mikhail Ulyanov, Russia's ambassador and permanent representative to international organizations based in Vienna, who is the head of the Russian delegation in negotiations to lift the sanctions, wrote in a tweet:" Met today once again with the #EU Coordinator at the #ViennaTalks on the #JCPOA Mr. Enrique Mora.

Ulyanov added: Looks like we are making progress. Let's keep our fingers crossed." Met again today with the #EU Coordinator at the #ViennaTalks on the #JCPOA Mr. Enrique Mora. Looks like we are making progress. Let's keep our fingers crossed. — Mikhail Ulyanov (@Amb_Ulyanov) August 7, 2022


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