Iran's Road Minister:

Tehran (IP) - Iran's Minister of Roads and Urban Development said that all investigations into the Ukrainian plane crash had been carried out according to professional manners.

Iran Press/Iran News: In response to a question from Iran Press about the importance of Iran's final report to Ukraine on the plane crash, Mohammad Eslami noted that the aircraft manufacturer and the Ukrainian side were involved in the process of the plane crash investigation.

The Minister of Roads and Urban Development of Iran stated that the investigation into the crash of the Ukrainian plane is over and the final report has been available to all relevant parties and will soon be accessible on the national aviation website for all people.

On January 8, 2020, a passenger plane belonging to Ukrainian Airlines crashed near Tehran following a human error, which led to the death of 167 passengers and nine crew members.

Most of the passengers on the plane were Iranian nationals and the 32 passengers on the flight also had passports from five countries: Canada, Afghanistan, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and Sweden.

The General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces after first field investigations said in a statement that the Ukrainian Boeing 737 plane was shot down due to human error at a time of heightened tensions and a threat of war from the US.


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