Trump redoubles vow to withdraw troops from Iraq

US President Donald Trump has once again promised Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi to withdraw the few US troops who are still in Iraq.

Iran PressAmerica: In his first meeting with the Iraqi premier which took place at the White House on Thursday, Trump said that although he was looking forward to the day when all US troops could leave Iraq, American businesses were already making 'very big oil deals' there. 

"We’ll be leaving shortly," he told reporters, adding: "We have very few soldiers in Iraq ... but we’re there to help. And the prime minister knows that."

He, however, did not elaborate on the exact time US troops would exit the country.

Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also told reporters Washington was working with Baghdad to bring the number of US troops in Iraq "down to the lowest level as quickly as we can".

The United States has had nearly 5,000 troops in the Arab country, and coalition allies another 2,500, while Iraqi people and parliamentarians stress the need to end any US military presence on their soil.    207/209

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