Isfahan (IP) - Tourists and people choose to gather around Zayanderud in Isfahan, the center of the Iranian province of Isfahan, to relish their moment at the site of this flowing watercourse.

Iran Press/Iran news: Zayanderud had been dry for about a year due to lack of water and rain, but since Sunday evening (yesterday), water flowed in the river again.

The people of Isfahan and the tourists celebrated the flow of water in Zayanderud when the water reached the Si-o-se-pol (A bridge over the river). They also recorded historical moments together.

According to the officials of Isfahan Regional Water Organization, the water in Zayanderud will be flowing for only 10 days to irrigate the gardens and lands of East Isfahan.

A 50% decline in rainfall and unprecedented heat has caused drought, reduced water in some rivers, dried up some wetlands and reduced dam water storage in Iran.


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Photo: World Tourism Day, in Iran's Isfahan