Because of the long coastlines and many depressions along Iran's shores, including many shallow water areas, a hovercraft fleet is necessary.

Iran PressIran News: The following is what we should know about Tondar Hovercraft:


On November 12, 2012, Tondar Hovercraft, built by Iranian experts, was unveiled in Bandar Abbas. The hovercraft, which can move on the sea, shore, and swampy areas, was built in the Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industries Corporation in Isfahan and handed over to the Navy Forces.


Tondar Hovercraft is based on the English SR.N6 Hovercraft. Besides military purposes, Tondar can also be used for civilian and relief purposes. It is offered in two combat and commercial models, the combat model of which is named Tondar.

Tondar Hovercraft has the capacity to install various missile systems and UAVs. Coast patrols, command, amphibious intermediate defenses, participation in asymmetric defense operations, rapid attack on shores, evacuation of personnel and equipment, providing logistics for islands and coasts, patrolling and reconnaissance in shallow and difficult areas where boats and other vessels cannot pass, and rescue operations are the features of this hovercraft.

High and impassable areas such as swamps, sand dunes, reeds, shallow floodplains, and passing shallow minefields without the need for coastal equipment are other features of this hovercraft. All types of weapons made by the Ministry of Defense, such as rockets, missiles, and UAVs, can be installed and used on Tondar Hovercraft.

In the civilian sector, passenger transport, cargo transportation in dockless areas, Red Crescent relief assistance in flooded areas, fisheries control, and fishing vessels are some of the commercial applications of this hovercraft.


With a weight of about 11 tons, a length of about 17 meters, a width of approximately 8 meters, and a height of more than 6 meters, Tondar Hovercraft can move at a speed of more than 90 kilometers per hour and has a range of about 270 kilometers. The hovercraft can carry about 60 Marines and land onshore.

Tondar Hovercraft weighs about 11 tons, is about 17 meters long, about 8 meters wide, and is more than 6 meters high. It can advance at speeds of more than 90 kilometers per hour and has a range of about 270 kilometers, and can carry about 60 marines.

Metal materials and non-metallic composites have been used in Tondar's construction.

Equipped with 107 mm missiles, Tondar can operate against coastal targets. In addition to firing rockets, it also has a high detection capability, as it can fly drones off and enter an aggressive reconnaissance process.

It is also armed with anti-ship cruise missiles. The interesting thing is that the missile can be guided by a radar mounted on the hovercraft, which will increase its range.

Another feature of Tondar Hovercraft is its high camouflage capability; hence, it is suitable for performing asymmetric battle tactics.


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