Gorgan (IP) - The statement read out at the end of the second regional Islamic Unity Conference held in Golestan Province, northeastern Iran, said that the terrorist outfits, such as the ISIS, have created the atmosphere of mistrust and threats in Muslim world.

Iran PressIran News: According to the statement, unfortunately, the groups which allegedly arose from among Muslims who, with irrational thinking, speech and behavior far from rationality and morality, caused the bright face of the Islamic society to become tarnished, and with misplaced prejudice, self-righteousness, and double ignorance, began to mislead other followers of Islamic religions. They said that the ISIS and takfiri groups are examples of them that created the atmosphere of mistrust and a lot of destruction and threats in the Islamic world.

The statement added: "On the other hand, the sworn enemies of Muslims from the west and east of the world started hostile movements and actions, such as desecration of the Islamic sanctities and sacrilege of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), burning the holy Quran and attacking the principles of the Islamic countries, which added to the sufferings of this nation."

The statement also emphasized the need to maintain and continue constructive interaction among the followers of the Islamic religions, especially scholars and religious thinkers. Striving to realize Islamic unity and revival of the unified Islamic Ummah was also focused on.

The statement also stressed efforts to explain the authentic Islamic teachings and preventing desecration of Islamic sanctities. Paying attention to the holy ideal of liberating the Islamic land of Palestine was also addressed in the statement as the main issue of the Islamic world.

The participants in this international meeting commemorated the memories of the leaders and standard-bearers of the unity of the Islamic Ummah, especially martyrs and scholars, and vowed to continue the path of those loved ones.


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