Tehran (IP) - Tehran symphony orchestra performs a musical composition on Thursday honored health workers battling coronavirus pandemic.

Iran Press/Iran News: National Orchestra performed the 'Song of Humanity' in a ceremony with the presence of Iranian Culture and Islamic Guidance Minister Abbas Salehi and Health Minister Saeed Namaki, to pay tribute to coronavirus health care staff.

Speaking at the ceremony, Iranian Culture and Islamic Guidance Minister Abbas Salehi referred to the efforts of medical staff in 8 years of war with Iraq and said that their endeavor in those years and establishing field hospitals very close to the front line had a great effect on decreasing casualties.

Salehi added that the medical staff did their best in the last 6 months, and they both defended and martyred in fighting coronavirus.

Art and culture societies were beside the health defenders and although they could not hold gatherings, they stood beside medical staff, the minister concluded.

Health minister, Saeed Namaki in this ceremony also referred to art as a language of love and said that music is its climax."Poem and music have created valuable epics in the history of Iran," Namaki highlighted.

"Health defenders are lovers and our artists are our great capitals," Namaki concluded.

'Song of Humanity' which was played for the first time today, had been prepared by Iran’s National Symphony Orchestra, by the efforts of 130 vocalists and musicians and observing all health protocols. 101

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