Tehran (IP)- The head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization (AEOI) said on Monday that the answers Iran has provided so far to the International Atomic Energy Agency's questions are accurate.

Iran PressIran news: Head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization (AEOI) Mohammad Eslami said that Iran's answers to the IAEA questions have been accurate and precise.

"Rafael Grossi does not have the serious will to admit that Iran's answers are convincing," he highlighted.

He added that IAEA invokes intelligence reports provided to it by Iran's enemies, with the Israeli regime at the top.

The head of AEOI also said that the resolution that certain countries are trying to present to IAEA's Board of Governors would not create a new situation, calling on the agency to abide by the law and not give in to the pressures from the certain member states.

Rafael Grossi on Monday reiterated his claims on Iran's nuclear program and called on Tehran to give information on nuclear particles found in three alleged atomic sites.

The AEOI chief also said that the agency had not condemned the sabotage attack on Iranian nuclear facilities, which calls into question the agency's impartiality.

Eslami underscored that Iran's nuclear program is for peaceful purposes, adding that nuclear arms have no place in Iran's strategy.

"Our share of world energy is 3%, but 25% of the IAEA monitoring work takes place in our territories," the top Iranian nuclear official pointed out.

Stating that top Iranian authorities will decide on the 90% uranium enrichment, adding that "We do not decide to enrich uranium for provocations."

"We will continue our peaceful nuclear activities without taking into account the fate of the nuclear deal," Eslami underscored.

"The International Atomic Energy Agency's access to the surveillance data and recordings depends on the fate of the agreement (JCPOA)," Eslami said. "We are ready to abide by the agreement in return for the other parties' adherence to all agreement clauses," he added. 219