The Syrian air defenses confronted hostile targets over Tartous and the Qalamoun mountainous range on the Lebanese border.

Iran PressMiddle East: Several explosions were heard in the skies of the Syrian city of Tartous Sunday night as the Zionist regime's media claimed that the Tartus region of Syria was targeted without mentioning the origin of these attacks.

Video shared online was purported to be of the Syrian air defenses, but the veracity of the video was uncertain.

Al Jazeera reported that Israeli fighter jets fired several missiles at Syria from Lebanon's airspace.

No causalities were reported due to the Israeli aggression.

Palestinian factions condemn Israeli aggression on Syria

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) affirmed its support for Syria and its army against the Israeli aggression, adding that "the Zionist entity confirms that it is the central enemy of the Arab nation and constitutes a serious threat to its security and interests."

The Hamas movement also considered that after committing crimes in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, "the Zionist occupation is committing today a new aggression on Syrian lands," stressing that the continuous and "extended Zionist terrorism in the entire region must be confronted with a unified stance from all the forces of the nation."