IP- Syria’s permanent representative to the UN denounced the "Brussels Conference" statement calling on the Syrian refugees not to return home.

Iran Press/ West Asia: Syria’s permanent representative to the UN, Ambassador Qusay al-Dahhak, said that Syria condemns “Brussels Conference” which was held several days ago as it called on the Syrian refugees not to return home. 

"It was better for the conference to allocate funds to facilitate and support that return through projects of early recovery and increasing it whether in quantity or in quality,” al-Dahhak said at a UN Security Council session on Thursday.

The Syrian diplomat added that it is very important to ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid to those who deserve of civilians and prevent terrorists from seizing the aid or using it to finance their crimes.

He said that restoring security and stability and improving the humanitarian situation in Syria requires combating terrorism, ending the foreign illegitimate military presence, and putting an end to the support provided to terrorist militias.

Al-Dahhak called on the Security Council to assume its responsibilities and stop the Israeli occupation's daily massacres against the Palestinian people and stop its aggression on Syria and other regional countries.


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