Tehran (IP) - The spokesman for the Judiciary stressed that the illegal restrictions imposed on Hamid Nouri, an Iranian prisoner, are unacceptable and called it human rights violation.

Iran PressIran news: Hamid Nouri was arrested on November 09, 2019, upon arrival at the Arlanda airport in Stockholm, Sweden, on the false charge of human rights violations, namely alleged participation in executions of MKO terrorists (MEK or Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization) in the first decade of Iran Islamic Revolution.

The Islamic Republic of Iran authorities have rejected such a ruling through documents and consider it a violation of human rights.

Massoud Setayeshi, in his daily press conference, told reporters that the Swedish prisons organization must be held accountable for human rights violations against Iranian citizens.

Massoud Setayeshi, in response to a question from Iran Press, while criticizing the restrictions imposed on Hamid Nouri, clarified that the judge of the case ruled in the last session to stop his deprivation as a prisoner.

At the same time, not only were these restrictions not withdrawn but also increased, He added.

Setayeshi considered Hamid Nouri's imprisonment a clear violation of human rights and asked the Iranian Foreign Ministry to make every effort to release him.

While describing and expressing regret for Nouri's deplorable condition in the Swedish prison, Setayesh asked the Swedish Prisons Organization to observe its legal duty to deal with Nouri's case.

According to Hamid Nouri's statements, he does not have access to the basics of a prisoner's rights in the Swedish prison.

Despite worsening his vision problems, he does not have access to medicine and a physician, nor is he allowed to contact his family.

Earlier, Iran's Judiciary Spokesman had said that filing a case against the Iranian national Hamid Nouri is political and cannot be called a judicial one.


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