Commentary (IP) - All are preparing themselves for the re-appearance of the Promised Savior, Imam Mahdi (as), to the world's people, whose career was begun over 11 centuries ago.

Iran Presscommentary:  After the martyrdom of his father (Imam Hassan Askari) and completion of the burial ceremony, he went hidden from all eyes. And that was the beginning of the Promised Savior's 'short absence' in 260 Hijri, 1,183 years ago.

He was born in 255 Hijri, 5 years before his short absence.  

The short absence took long 69 years and during the period he had communication with people through his four special deputies. 

There again he went away from the sights and his 'long absence' was started since 329 Hijri until now. 

But one may ask how a human being has managed to survive after 1,188 years, and some or probably a majority perhaps do not believe in the fact that the Savior is alive.

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So to find out how such a thing is possible, one can refer to 'Man, the Unknown' (1935), by the French surgeon and biologist Alexis Carrel.  

According to the traditions, the reasons for the absence of Imam Mahdi (as) are the possibility of his assassination, the lack of allegiance to him, and the testing of the Shias.

Yet, these are not just the Shia Muslims who have been and are anticipating the re-appearance of the Promised Savior, but all divine religions are awaiting him. 

On the one hand, all the divine religions consider the future of mankind to be bright and promising with peace, tranquility, security, and the spread of justice; a future in which with the return of the savior of the human world, the tyrants and wrongdoing disseminators will be uprooted and justice will engulf the universe. 

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On the other hand, these are not just the righteous people and the oppressed that await him, but the arrogant powers of the world, the most spectacular of them the US and Israeli Zionist regimes, are fully preparing themselves to meet the Armageddon Battle against the global justice movement of the Promised Savior. 

Using elements of imagination, excitement, and surprise in Hollywood cinema, they seek to inculcate their viewers that the future of the world will be as they portray it, confiscating the concept of 'Savior' in their favor.

For instance, what we see in the West's apocalyptic media productions such as See, X-Men, Independence Day, and recently Netflix's Messiah series are just a few to name. 

Of course, they are trying to tarnish the Promised Savior to generate phobia about him and make the world's people afraid of him such as what is clearly observable in X-Men, since they deeply believe in the re-appearance of Imam Mahdi (AS).

Nevertheless, we are awaiting Imam Mahdi's (AS) return while being accompanied by Jesus Christ (AS), and so do the arrogant tyrants of the world who are preparing themselves.

"Surely they think it to be far off, and we see it to be near" (Holy Qyran, Ma'arij Chapter, Verses 6-7).


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