Kabul (IP) - The political deputy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan said that the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran is the result of the unity of millions of Iranian men and women.

Iran PressIran news:  According to the Iran Press news agency from Kabul, Maulavi "Shir Mohammad Abbas Stanekzai" attended the 45th-anniversary celebration of the victory of the Islamic Revolution at the Iranian Embassy in Kabul today, stressing that the victory of the Islamic Revolution was the result of the unity of the Iranian nation and added: "I congratulate the Iranian government and people on the victory of the Islamic Revolution."

In another part of his statement, he considered Iran-Afghanistan relations to be strong and progressing and said:

"Iran-Afghanistan interaction in various fields has a "win-win" feature and the religious, cultural, and linguistic commonalities of the two nations are the most important factors in strengthening relations. and bilateral cooperation."

The political deputy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan also considered trade and economy as two important axes of bilateral cooperation and added:

"Iran's commercial and economic relations are expanding and growing, and efforts are being made to implement the recent economic agreements that were made during the visit of Deputy Prime Minister Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar Akhund . has been signed with Tehran, continues.

He considered judicial cooperation as one of the other interactions between the two countries and said:

"The process of transferring Afghan prisoners from Iran to Afghanistan will be resumed soon."

While thanking the Islamic Republic of Iran for hosting millions of Afghan immigrants in the past four decades, Stanekzai added:

"The caretaker government of Afghanistan emphasizes strengthening and developing relations with neighboring countries, especially the Islamic Republic of Iran, and wants to increase interaction with its neighbors."

"Hassan Kazemi Qomi", the Special Envoy  of Iran's president for Afghanistan affairs and the head of Iran's political delegation in Kabul, also said in this ceremony: "One of the most important effects of the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran has been the change in Iran's foreign policy, which in this context is aimed at expanding relations." and boosting cooperation with our neighbors and we try to solve regional issues."

Stating that Afghanistan has a special place in Iran's foreign policy, he added: "Helping to promote peace, stability and improving the economic situation of Afghanistan has been one of the principle policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran at different times, and Afghanistan has a double priority in the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran."

Kazemi Qomi said: "The Islamic Republic of Iran considers the current situation in Afghanistan to be the result of twenty years of American occupation, and the presence of the occupiers caused insecurity, strengthened terrorism and extremism, and prevented construction in Afghanistan."

Referring to the first meeting of the regional contact group in Kabul, he noted the initiative of the Islamic Republic of Iran saying: "The main goal of this initiative was to cooperate with the caretaker government of Afghanistan to establish political stability, security and improve the economic situation, and the most important message of this meeting to the international community was Afghanistan's neighboring countries, with the cooperation of the international community, are in the first line of helping this country."

Referring to the many fields of cooperation between the two countries, the special envoy of the president in Afghanistan said: "Chabahar facilitates trade between Iran and Afghanistan and develops Afghanistan's trade through Iran's regional corridor."

The head of Iran's political-diplomatic mission in Kabul also pointed to the common positions of Iran and Afghanistan regarding global and regional issues and added:

" Anger and disgust with the policies of the United States and its allies, confronting unilateralism, seeking independence, the unity of the Islamic world, confronting crimes. The Zionist regime and the support of the Palestinian nation are among the common and principled positions of Iran and Afghanistan, and these two countries are on the same path regarding regional and global issues."

"Mohammed Akbari", the deputy of Afghanistan's Shia Ulema Council, also called the victory of Iran's Islamic Revolution a source of hope for Muslim nations and said: "The victory of Iran's Islamic Revolution thwarted the plans of global colonialism against the deprived and oppressed nations of the world and this revolution shook the world powers."

He stated: "The two nations of Iran and Afghanistan have an anti-arrogance spirit and by cooperating, they can revive Islamic civilization and the honor of the Islamic world to provide the freedom of the occupied territories, especially Palestine."

This ceremony was held with the presence of the United Nations Special Representative in Afghanistan, ambassadors, and diplomatic delegations residing in Kabul, military attachés, political deputy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Afghan officials, scholars, political and cultural figures of Afghanistan, visiting the exhibition of the most important achievements, progress as well as the scientific innovations of the Republic of Iran after the Islamic Revolution were among the other programs of this ceremony.


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