Tehran (IP)- "The speed of COVID-19 vaccination in Iran has completely surprised westerners," said the Iranian Health Minister.

Iran PressIran news: The Iranian Health Minister, Bahram Einollahi, said on Tuesday: "The enemy has always sought to separate the health staff from the people, which did not happen. 

In the early days of Iran's revolution in 1979, we had to use so-called Pakistanis with lower knowledge in our health network as physicians. However, now we are in a position where patients from other countries come to Iran for treatment.

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"Today, in the matter of vaccination, we have reached about 75 million vaccine jabs, which has completely surprised Westerners. 

Last week, we injected as much as the total population of the UAE and twice the population of Kuwait and Qatar, that is, 8.4 million doses; While they have claimed for the past few months that they have vaccinated all their citizens. 


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