Maraveh Tappeh (IP) - Speaking at the gathering of people from different walks of life in Maraveh Tappeh in Golestan Province on Friday, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi emphasized that the government's priority is to solve economic problems and increase people's welfare.

Iran PressIran news: President Raisi said, "Religious and national identity is a great asset for the people of Iran and must be preserved."

Raisi went on to say: "Solving economic problems and increasing people's welfare is one of the main priorities of the government. The country has good capacities and many steps have been taken and a lot of work has been done for it, the result of which is changing the face of the country's cities and villages, but there are still needs that need to be addressed.

He stated: "Our focus in the government is on land use planning and addressing the low-income areas is based on land use planning.

The president continued: "Many of our regions have relative privilege, but we must try to make this privilege complete."

He further said: " We must try to keep this culture authentic and not be attacked and damaged. The aim of the enemy and Westerners is to attack cultures and subcultures."

According to Iran Press, Ebrahim Raisi said on Friday in a very enthusiastic crowd of people at the Maraveh Tappeh border: " You are moral people who have inherited this kind moral from the Prophet of Kindness and it is taught by our religion. This morality is the basis of human relations and the connection of different nations, religions and dialects."

He added: "I am happy that today I am in a clean and large gathering of people who are warm and loyal to the Islamic Revolution in the city of Maraveh Tappeh."

President Raisi further said: " It is an opportunity for me and my colleagues to be in the company of kind and refined people of this region. I sincerely appreciate and thank the dear people for their warm welcome."

The president then said: "Your people's kindness and sincerity gave a beautiful effect to this ceremony. From the moment I arrived in the area until this moment, I was indebted to the love of dear people along the way. Considering that the mosque does not have enough capacity, I sincerely appreciate those who are present on the roofs of buildings, streets and areas around the mosque."

Turkmenistan a good neighbor of Iran

Elsewhere he said: "The people and the government of Turkmenistan have good relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran, and these relations are expanding day by day, and they are good neighbors for Iran."

The president said: " This is the comment of the leader of the revolution, who recently said in the meeting with the president of Turkmenistan that we are not only neighbors, but also relatives."

Raisi continued: "It is this identity that keeps our youth away from moral harm and protects the family from harm. Identity in ups and downs can be a great asset for young people. Therefore, paying attention to education, culture, cultural identity, ethics, and spirituality has always been emphasized by Late Imam Khomeini and the Leader.

What kept Gaza and Palestine alive today is people's faith and trust in God

He referred to the developments in Gaza and said: What kept the people of Gaza and Palestine alive today is the faith of the Palestinian people. What caused the defeat of the Zionist regime in the awakened consciences of the world is the faith of the people of Palestine and Gaza.

"The thing that caused the Zionist regime to fail to defeat the resistance front with 70 days of efforts and support from the Westerners and America despite its military equipment is this faith and trust. This is the same identity that is a valuable asset and must always be preserved," he added.


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