IP (Baghdad) - The Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council in meeting the Iraqi Prime Minister reiterated Iran's commitment to the security and stability of Iraq.

Iran Press/ West Asia: Secretary of Iran’s SNSC Ali-Akbar Ahmadian during his official visit to Baghdad and meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani has reiterated Iran's commitment to the security and stability of Iraq.

Ali-Akbar Ahmadian on Monday, conveyed Iran’s sincere interest in continuing cooperation with Iraq based on a joint security agreement to preserve the security of both neighboring nations.

On March 19, Iran and Iraq signed a security agreement aimed at protecting their shared border.

Under the agreement, the Iraqi government pledged to disarm terrorist and separatist groups based in the country's northern Kurdistan region and dislodge them from the border areas.

During the Monday meeting, al-Sudani expressed Iraq's commitment to the principles of good neighborliness and fostering strong relations with countries in the region and beyond.

However, he added that Iraq will not compromise on its sovereignty and national security.

Earlier in the day, Ahmadian met with Iraqi National Security Advisor Qassim al-Araji and said Iran respects Iraq’s sovereignty.

Ali Akbar Ahmadian has said that Iran respects Iraq’s sovereignty and that Iran’s Leader always emphasizes the deep and long-running friendly ties between the two neighbors.

Referring to the deep-rooted ties between the two countries and Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei’s emphasis on this issue, Iran’s top security official said that all problems can be resolved through meaningful and constructive talks.

Al-Araji, on his part, described Iran-Iraq relations as distinctive and strategic, saying that the two friendly countries share many commonalities.

He also said that Iraq has always sought to strengthen its relations with other countries in a way that common interests are protected based on the principle of mutual respect.

According to Iraqi media, Ahmadian and Al-Araji, in addition to exploring ways to strengthen Tehran-Baghdad relations at all levels, discussed the political and security situation in the region as well.

The top Iranian security official arrived at Baghdad’s International Airport on Monday morning for a daylong official trip to Iraq.  

This is the first trip of Ahmadian to an Arab country since he was appointed secretary of Iran’s top security body in June 2023.

His visit comes three days after the US struck positions of resistance groups in Iraq and neighboring Syria in retaliation for the death of three American forces in a drone strike in Jordan on January 28.

Tehran, Baghdad, and Damascus condemned the US strikes as a violation of the national sovereignty of Iraq and Syria.  


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