IP- Al Jazeera reported that 16 Zionist occupiers had been killed in cold steel attacks and shootings since the beginning of March.

Iran PressMiddle East: The Zionist regime is attacking the oppressed people of Palestine, martyring, injuring, or arresting them every day under various pretexts; The Palestinians are also carrying out anti-Zionist operations in response to these crimes.

Moreover, Tensions between Israeli forces and the Palestinians have risen sharply in recent weeks following repeated attacks on Israeli cities that have left 15 dead, the Times of Israel reported.

On Sunday morning, the Israeli regime's media published statistics on the number of Israelis killed in the operations in recent weeks.
Sixteen Israelis have been killed in cold steel attacks and shootings since the beginning of March, Al Jazeera reported, quoting Israeli state television.

At the same time, the Israeli police claimed in a statement that one of the Arabs living in occupied Palestine, who had stolen a vehicle, had taken over an officer and that he was in critical condition.

The developments come as the Israeli army announced on Thursday morning that six battalions of reserve forces had been called in to replace ordinary forces along the Apartheid Wall and the West Bank contact line.


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