At least three people were injured in a shooting near a college preparatory school in Washington DC on Friday, with police still combing the area in search of suspects.

Iran PressAmerica: Every year thousands of people lose their lives or get wounded by gunshot attacks. Based on official statistics there are around 270 to 300 million guns in the US, which is almost one gun for every American. 

Lax gun laws and the right to bear arms have constantly thwarted attempts to clamp down the number of weapons in circulation.

US President Joe Biden says gun violence has turned into an "epidemic" in the country.

Two adults were critically wounded and a child suffered a minor injury in a shooting on Friday near a college preparatory school in Washington, D.C., and police swarmed the area searching for suspects, authorities said.

Details of the shooting were sketchy. No motive was known for the shooting, which erupted in late afternoon in an upscale neighborhood of Northwest Washington along Connecticut Avenue, a major thoroughfare through the city. 219