Hassan Ezzeddine, a senior official of Lebanon's Hezbollah movement, said that the US-Israel-Saudi Arabia axis is losing ground, whereas the axis of Islamic resistance is progressing well.

Iran PressIran news: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press on Friday, Hassan Ezzeddine, a senior official of Lebanon's Hezbollah movement, in charge of relations with Arabic and African countries, said what is happening today in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, and what had happened in previous years in countries such as Tunisia, signifies the progress made by the axis of resistance.

Hassan Ezzeddine added: "Today we can say that the axis of resistance is progressing, whereas the US-Israel-Saudi Arabia axis is losing ground and gradually collapsing."

The senior Hezbollah Official also pointed to the readiness of Palestinian resistance inside the occupied Palestinian territories, saying the resistance was ready to respond to Israeli aggression 'at any moment'. He also said the Zionist enemy will not be able to catch us off-guard given the readiness and vigilance of resistance forces.

Ezzeddine added: "Islamic resistance proved its effectiveness against the Zionist forces in 2000 and 2006, when it emerged victorious in Lebanon."

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Commenting on the Tehran gathering, the senior Hezbollah official noted: "The Islamic Unity Conference will bring viewpoints closer together within the Islamic resistance front."

Turning to a meeting between senior Saudi and Israeli officials, and negotiations between Riyadh and Tel Aviv, Hassan Ezzeddine said: "Today the fundamental issue of the Islamic world is the issue of Palestine. All Muslims, Arabs, free people of the world support the Palestinian cause, and will give their backing to the Palestinians."


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