Tehran(IP) - The president of the Iran-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industries announced that Iran's membership in economic organizations would increase its immunity against unilateral Western sanctions.

Iran PressIran news: Majidreza Hariri, in an exclusive interview with the Iran Press, stressed the importance of Iran's participation in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Uzbekistan.

This organization was initially formed based on security, but over time and since 2015, most of its activities have shifted towards collective agreements and economic activities.

"Ebrahim Raisi," the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, will travel to Samarkand, Uzbekistan, on Wednesday to attend the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit.

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Riasi, to travel to Uzbekistan, will attend the SCO summit in Samarkand

The President of the Iran-China Chamber of Commerce emphasized that due to the membership of countries like China and India in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Iran's presence in this organization will provide good economic and political opportunities.

Hariri added that the Shanghai Cooperation Organization provides countless opportunities for its members, including Iran, in terms of the market, the number of people, the size of the economy in the world, the amount of income, and the role of the member states in international trade.

Hariri stated that in the future, the activities of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization would have more economic flavor, the capacities of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization provide potential opportunities for Iran, and efforts should be made to make good use of these opportunities with a more active presence in this organization.

The President of the Iran-China Chamber of Commerce stated that experts believe that the future of the world economy is in Asia, especially in South Asia and Southeast Asia, and said that East Asia and South Asia have a communication border with West Asia and West, which is the country of Iran.

The President of the Iran-China Chamber of Commerce stated that due to its position, Iran could be the gateway to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and connect the western world to the dynamic economy of East Asia.


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